31 July, 2013

Momma Wolf Snack Blend (DIY Trail Mix)

Sometimes when I shop, I tend to buy things that I want to try new recipes with, completely forget, or Dan stores them in the higher cabinets and I find them weeks sometimes months later and decide to make a new snack. Things have been busy around here (total understatement) and I am learning to adjust my expectations. Actually more like abandon expectations, otherwise we aren't really living. We are just going in a cycle, repeating comfortable motions. Looking back, if something did not meet my expectations (not talking quality, necessarily) my day could easily be ruined. If I didn't get to lay on the couch before work to "relax" and unwind, (no idea why I thought that was ever realistic) then I was in a pissy mood. Let's just say I have evolved, I have overcome, I am still growing, but taking positive steps forward. And in that growing and evolving...I made a snack blend with some things that I had purchased for other recipes, things that were left in the cabinets and so on. This is getting a bit deep for Trail Mix, but you get what I am saying, right? Go with the moment, be present, and you will be happy! And with this snack blend, you won't be hungry either!

Momma Wolf Snack Blend
(DIY Trail Mix)
-if there is anything you don't have just substitute to your liking-

2 cups of raw pepitas
2 cups of deglet dates
2 cups dried black mission figs
2 cups of raw sunflower seeds
2 cups of raisins
1/4 cup of raw cashews
Mix together, enjoy!
Not much of a recipe, but try out this combo to mix together and you will enjoy it, the baby wolfs have been eating it for snacks and Dan has been taking it to work. It's great for cleaning out the pantry for more space ;)

30 July, 2013

Wild Blueberry Pie.

Today was my first day off of the week and it was pretty awesome. Overcast, no warmer than 73 degrees, and a bit breezy with some on and off drizzles. Mara had been asking me if we could bake a pie the past week or so. We were overdue for a visit to Grammy's house so she can see how much Eisley has grown, laugh at Porter constantly trying to make phone calls, and so on. Today was pie day. I had some organic wild blueberries in the freezer, and so it was decided, blueberry pie it was! I got this recipe from here and tweaked it a bit. It was delicious.

Wild Blueberry Pie:
For the pie crust:
2 & 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
16 tablespoons of really cold Earth Balance
1/4 tsp of sea salt
For the filling:
6 cups of wild blueberries
4 tablespoons of cornstarch (this brand is NONGMO.)
1/4 fresh lemon juice
3/4 cup raw sugar (next time I want to try maple syrup)
dash of cinnamon
a cap full of real vanilla extract

Make your pie crust by combining the flour, Earth Balance, salt and 6-8 TBS of very cold water. Combine in a food processor, or do what I did, and let your littles squish the dough (make sure to wash hands!) until it is a nice smooth pie crusty dough. Chill in refrigerator while your oven is preheating to 425F. When your oven is preheated, flour your countertop or cutting board, separate your dough into two equal pieces (one for the bottom crust and one for the top crust) and roll out your chilled dough. Fit your first half to your pie pan. Combine your filling ingredients and fill your pie pan up, roll out your second half and place on top. Pinch down the ends with a fork, cut some slits to allow venting, even decorate with some dough trimmings. Our dough "mountain" design was fun. Bake for 15 minutes at 425, and then turn it down to 350 and bake for another 30-40 minutes. Let cool, and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite pie recipe or blueberry recipe you like to indulge in? Share it with me in the comments!

16 July, 2013

Mango Dressing.

Last night, we got home from a busy afternoon. I had a job interview, we had to make a run to Petco to purchase some dog food for our new den member (more on that soon), and by the time we got home, we were all hot, tired, and hungry. I guess you could say it was a pretty typical mood for a Monday after a pretty laid back weekend. I fixed Papa Wolf and the little wolfs some whole wheat pasta shells tossed with nutritional yeast, roasted red peppers, some sauteed leeks, and a bit of daiya cheddar "cheese". I've been trying to eat as high raw as possible so I fixed myself a salad while they enjoyed their pasta dish. I made a pretty delicious dressing and I thought I would share it with you. I don't have a creative title, so it's just, mango dressing. Let me know if you try it!

Mango Dressing:
-one large, juicy mango
-two raw cloves of garlic
-sea salt
-ground black pepper
-two roasted red peppers
-half of an avocado
-lemon juice (as needed to thin the mixture)

Throw in blender, and enjoy over your next salad!

This made about 3/4 of a standard mason jar for me, and I keep it covered in the fridge and it should last you 2-3 days. I had this over a salad of romaine lettuce, tomato steaks, diced pineapple (fresh, always, canned is horrible), and black beans.

09 July, 2013

Banana Horchata.

Banana Horchata:
10 ripe organic bananas
2 cap fulls of REAL, organic vanilla
3-4 big shakes of ground, organic cinnamon (I like it spicy and the babes don't seem to mind, if you are making this to share with your littles, maybe go easy on the cinnamon and add more to yours separately if yours aren't big on bold spices.)
16.9oz/500ml of chilled water

Throw in the blender, blend until smooth.
Banana Horchata. We love it. I have been having this for breakfast, and let Mara try some, and now these two attack me for it every morning. I've never had actual horchata, but from what I've been told about it, I would imagine the flavors are pretty similar. Porter doesn't want to share it ever, in the bottom picture you can see Mara eagerly waiting her turn to have more. Thankfully this recipe yields two large jars. Enjoy!

03 July, 2013

Update from a Momma Wolf of Three.

Eisley is three months old today. I took a long break from blogging, I needed to be present. I needed to set aside any distraction that wasn't dire to our immediate well being and be with my family. The routine we had started establishing with two children quickly vanished into thin air when Eisley was born. I don't say this bitterly at all, it has just been a process of finding out what works for us as a clan of five now and not four.

We are still figuring at bedtime, as tandem nursing has been interesting, but so awesome and I am proud at my achievement. Our days are slowly coming together.

Every morning we get up, play a bit, have breakfast, and play a bit more. D comes home from work for his lunch, we drive him back, drop him off and head out to do something until it is time to head home for our lunch, nap, and go pick D back up from work. Then home for snack and play and then prepping supper.

A big change in the past three months has been with what we are purchasing for groceries, what we are keeping in the house, and what we are gravitating towards for our family food philosophy. Before Eisley was born we started getting into a raw diet. We had a pretty cheap juicer, and I kind of went crazy juicing everything I could, blowing our entire months food budget within ten days because I was so excited to be juicing. I've gotten much better at the budgeting, and I am looking forward to sharing those tips/tricks here with you.

I am very passionate about the benefits of eating a high raw, vegan diet. When I say the word diet, I do not mean calorie restriction, I mean what food we consume on a day to day basis. Right now what is working for us is plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast and lunch and eating a lightly cooked vegan meal for supper (mainly for the kids) and a big salad of some sort.

I thought that once I switched to a high raw, vegan diet I would be instantly healthy. This is true and false, for me. It may be different for others, but I wasn't listening to my body. I've lost thirty four pounds in three months, but I was/am really out of shape and in need of building up my physical and mental stamina, I'm overweight and need to drop about sixty pounds, and I am deficient in a lot of things that the body needs to function beautifully; iron, calcium, and all sorts of other vitamins. (I quit taking my prenatal vitamin because it is corn based, and the company could not verify if it was NON-GMO. Another thing we have changed in the past two months or so, strictly organic. Screw Monsanato. Anyway, I will save that for another post, on another day, but right now I needed to get this blog off my chest.)

This blog started off as a family journal, and it still is, but right now I want to use this space to share with others, and hopefully motivate, inspire, and nurture others interests and goals, as well as hold myself accountable for what I need to do to holistically heal my body and be the very best me that I can be. I mean, after all, a momma wolf, needs to be in tip top shape to keep the positive den vibes flowing.

I will be sharing my budgeting tips/tricks, juice recipes, and weight loss journey through a high raw, vegan diet soon. So be sure to come back soon!

Dear Mara,

Mara Eden, you are my first. My first child, my first breath drawn from my lungs, the first sight I ever saw when my eyes opened, and you are every beat that my heart creates. I love your face that is constantly decorated in fruit conserve, and the way you tell me your tales. I love how concerned you get when you see an ambulance rush by and ask for the angels to come; I love all your eagerness to learn, and how you check the mail every afternoon.

You are endless, magnificent, beautiful energy in a tiny, growing shell. Thank you for picking me to be your momma, after three years (almost three and a half), I still am amazed by you, every. single. day, being your momma, is the best thing that ever, ever happened to me.

I love you,