08 September, 2013


Sunday being the first day of a new week. This week is off to a set of firsts in our little wolf den. Today, I checked an item off my "23 before 23" list, I made my very first dress. Two if you count the one that was 90% complete before an accidental cut ruined it. And tomorrow starts her first day of Waldorf-inspired, nature preschool at our local nature center. Then Tuesday she has her very first play date, which is also Porter's very first play date with another child his age. These may seem like just little things, but they are things I am looking forward to and loving. I put pictures of the completed first dress/tunic below. It started as a dress pattern that I freehanded but I shortened the length so it could be a "tunic" and Mara would be allowed to wear it school with pants. Pretty proud of my first creation!


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