02 February, 2013


Parenting is a plate full. Sometimes I wonder how I am going to manage this "rhythm" with a third babe in the mix. Then I take a deep breath and remind myself, the wild, wild world around me is beautiful.

The squeals, shrieks, thumping, bumping, hollering, middle of the night poopy messes, stubbed toes, and other injuries only my kiss can fix, aren't going to be around forever. Eventually they will be independent individuals who can entertain themselves, wipe their own butts, soothe their own hurts, read their own stories, feed themselves, sleep alone, and so on and so on.

When this realization hit me, it slapped me in the face and I actually got a bit pissed at myself for getting so agitated at the hustle and bustle Mara and Porter had been swirling around me. Instead of being agitated and overwhelmed, I should be starving to get every last drop that I can out of these moments in their life. Before they are gone, because this too shall pass. Good or bad, this too shall pass and every second I get with them is pure, unique, and genuine.

It was a hellish week before I had my realization, but once I put myself in check, it was a beautiful week. The now is so sacred. With that being said...

I am thankful for:
the leftover beets in the fridge that allowed us to make bright, bright beet paint and paint beautiful pictures...and hands and cheeks.
the consistent milk supply my body makes for Porter.
blankets to cuddle up in.
a yard to watch them run and romp and play and scream in.
Mara's eagerness and patience to let me give her "princess hair".
all of the Beranstein Bears books we've been able to thrift so I can read to them everyday.
impromptu Saturday afternoon naps.

I am blessed:
with the luxury of having the internet.
to have extra food in the pantry to make cookies when the craving strikes.
with a strong husband who can deliver an incredible back rub.
to be their momma.

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