29 January, 2013

A Warm Day in January

Today we took advantage of the crazy weather, and played outside in the backyard. It was gloomy and muddy and warm. I can't believe I am writing about playing outside without a jacket or even a sweater, when I just shared snow day pictures last week, but hey, I am not complaining! Especially since it's supposed to be twenty degrees tomorrow. Yep, twenty!

These two babes were so happy to be outside, all they could do was run around with huge smiles on their faces. Of course I couldn't catch any smiles in pictures though because they were running around everywhere. Mara indulged in making a mud pie that our now extremely dirty dog Martha helped out with by digging a huge muddy hole. And Porter, gosh, he can run so fast now, you can see in the last picture, Mara is trying to KEEP UP with him, he of course thought she was chasing him and it was long, giggly morning before we went inside for lunch and naps.

Have you had a break in cold weather and been able to get outside? It's wonderful. Go do it, if you can.

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