21 August, 2013

WANDERLUST: Get Going Already...

I've been feeling a bit stir crazy lately (complete utter understatement). Papa Wolf and I have moved many, many times since we got together and started this wolf pack and we've always just been chasing a place to call home.

Neither one of us really care for the city that we are in right now. There aren't a lot of options as far as activities go besides eating out or shopping at a chain store. Chicago is too expensive for how we want to live, so we have been talking, and talking, and planning. How the heck do we get out of here and where do we go? Before having kids we would have hit the road by now, but as much as I want to be wild and free, I do not want to compromise stability for my children. Not just financially, because believe me, I know, money isn't everything. But I think a home is very important to a child's sense of security.

We enrolled Mara in a nature program/preschool enrichment program that runs from September to May so we are here for now, but I am hoping we can come to an agreement on our list of places and get to planning and saving, and purging.

It's really hard waiting that long though, my anxiety gets the best of me. On a good day I am not feeling rushed, but now I feel hurried and restless. Talk about a great time to practice my patience!

Do you ever crave a new beginning? A new place to settle? Have you ever picked up and started your life somewhere completely unfamiliar as far as not knowing anyone? Would love to hear what you all have to say.

Light + Love,


  1. Often! My husband and I have the same conversation over and over it seems - we would like to live somewhere we can walk to everything, with a like-minded-ish community, different work prospects... but all we ever do is talk about it. I have been a bit of a gypsy moving around heaps until I met my husband, so I'm used to starting somewhere new. I'm good at starting somewhere new. The hard part is staying put, but like you say, a stable home for children is important. Working in the garden is the best way I know of to help stay put. Very grounding and I want to see the results of my hard work, even if everything else about this place isn't perfect.
    Bit of a ramble there... Good luck with finding a new spot. Sometimes too much choice makes it harder.

    1. I moved 22 times before I met my husband, so I guess it's drilled in me. Thank you for the tip on the gardening. We found a town about 2 hours away, that has a great education system and a bit more of a community value than where we are at and for not much more money, we can have more space and even chickens again. So we are exploring that option after Mara's first year of Nature school ends in May. I have started prepping our garden space it's just A LOT of work.

  2. All the time! We've lived in Tuscany, Korea, Scotland, and in Phuket ( where we currently live). Love living on an island, so we''ve been settled here for over 2 years. But planning on moving again soon :)

    1. Oh how I wish we could be on your side of the ocean! So much more to explore then on this side it seems!