08 March, 2013

Making Life What You Want It To Be.

Money isn't everything. With our Spending Fast and trying to get out of debt and save for that little house on the big lot of land we dream of, I tend to stay too focused on money, and lately it's been frustrating. We have the power to make life everything we want it to be. For everyone it is different, but I found this image on a post from Holistic Dad and thought it was worth sharing and that everyone can take away something from it. Simple, but it gave me a big reminder about how some of the most cherished things in my life, don't require money. Spending time with my family, laughing with Dan, creating memories, even if it is just taking a walk around the block and Mara collecting dirty snowballs to take home and keep in the freezer. They are free. 

So today, I'm encouraging you to do three things that are absolutely free, and soak it all in. Please feel free to comment below with your three free things. I just got instagram last night, so if you want to play along with me, I am going to be taking pictures of my three free things and tagging them with #threefree.

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  1. Corrine, we have got to be soul sisters. All your posts make me beam. XO

    1. I feel the very same way about your posts, beautiful! <3