22 March, 2013

Spring Sprouts

Happy Spring, everyone! Except it doesn't feel much like Spring around here. But the season is slowly creeping its way in to our lives. I decided to sign up for the Spring Equinox eCourse that Elisabeth was offering and I am so glad I did. We've had a very fun, very  messy time with all the things that came in the convenience kit I ordered along side of the eCourse. One of the activities for us to do was to try our hand at sprouting our own sprouts!

The eCourse came with instructions and the materials needed for us to sprout the seeds on a tray (minus the tray) after an overnight soak in water, but I found it really messy and I feel like a lot of seeds got dumped out  by mistake since they are so tiny, when being rinsed, so I may try sprouting in a jar next time!
All the seeds are still sprouting and aren't big enough to eat yet, but it's been a fun process and I highly recommend doing it with your babes, or yourself. Mara found it really neat, and Porter is just anxiously waiting to finally get the green light to stuff them in his mouth.

Do you sprout your own sprouts? These were alfalfa sprouts, I would love to know what else people sprout in their kitchens! Or how you enjoy your sprouts? I have plans to throw them into a big ole salad and some raw collard green burritos when ready.

Again, Happy Spring! Just that much closer to summertime!


  1. Awesome! I love sprouts! I have sprouted almost everything! From alfa alfa to lentils to almonds! I have been making them in a jar and I love the process. Not too much losses, too.

  2. Sunflower sprouts! They are my favorite and they are big! So I feel like they keep longer. My BF's parents gave us their sprouting contraption from the 70's. No you don't really need a container but it makes them easier to rinse. I also ate fenugreek sprouts recently from the local farmers market, delish. Fenugreek is great for breastmilk production as well. Oh, the possibilities!