05 August, 2013


Portie and I awoke this morning before the girls. Dan had gone off to work before the sun came up and we woke just as the sun was coming up. I went through my first of the morning routine of: starting the coffee maker, taking Ari outside to relieve herself, coming back inside, washing up, dressing, and preparing for the day. Normally I do this before Portie or the girls are awake, but this morning Portie was up with a strong gusto for life and joined me in my routine. We found ourselves finished with the above to-do list and as I fixed myself an iced coffee and situated Portie with his morning drink, I decided to pull out the blender and make us a smoothie.

I had to stretch our food budget this past month so this week is our final week before we can go grocery shopping on Friday so we are getting creative with what is left over in the pantry and refridgerator! I grabbed a container of pineapple chunks, vanilla soymilk (We typically have almond, but this was free, and it was organic), two bananas, eight dried black mission figs, and eight deglet dates. 

Portie is at the age of endless wonder and awe and loves to discover and get his hands in on anything he can. What could be more fun for him then letting him get his hands wet and sticky with pineapple to fill up our blender? Not much! I first had him throw the dates and figs into the blender and I added some soy milk and we let the blender blend away for a minute or so. When the mixture was as smooth as I knew we would like I began to unpeel the bananas, letting Portie finish and throw them in. His eyes were filled with such delight and concentration as he was getting to help with such an important task. Next onto the pineapple chunks; he was in Heaven, I even let him splash in the pineapple juice ;) One more whirl of the blender until our desired smoothness, a spoonful of maca, a spoonful of hemp, we were good to go.

I poured us a tall jar of smoothie and of course Portie got the first sip. Or half, I should say. It was delicious and it really hit the spot.

Then this happened:
Yep, it's Monday.

Still a wonderful morning with Portie though and I enjoyed the alone time with him before the girls woke up. With three, sometimes it's hard to get that individual time with each, or as much time as we would like, but when we do get the time together, it is so precious.

Also, sometimes the best meals/smoothies/juices/snacks, come from cleaning out the pantry, don't you think? 

Light + Love,

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  1. What a gift to have that time alone. I only have two and I sometimes think it feels impossible to get enough alone time. When it happens spontaneously, I savor it and cherish it because I know it might be awhile before I have another opportunity like that.

    The smoothie looks delicious too!