06 January, 2013


Mara: being enchanted by her dream light.
Porter: constantly exploring and finding...the vacuum in the laundry room.
Eisley: inside a decorated belly. (Dan is going to be doing a Henna tattoo on my belly when I reach full term, this was his rough draft; which he did in the dark, while very bored. I think it's sweet.)

Bleubird Blog inspired me to do this simple, beautiful photo series for 2013. A picture per week, for every week of the year, of my children. I don't have time for many blog features or to take a picture every day, but snapping a photo of Mara and Porter and posting it once a week, for fifty two weeks seems very doable for me. I can't wait to look back at the end of the year and see their growth. I also decided to include baby Eisley in this, even though she isn't born uet, she will be born in just a few short months so I thought to document her in my belly and then out in the world would be beautiful. If you decide to do this photo series, please, link in the comment section below, I'd love to see your photos.


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