21 January, 2013

What's for breakfast, momma?

When morning comes, Porter is ready to party and get cruisin' the second he opens his eyes, but Mara on the other hand, can have a case of the grumpies that start off the morning with unprevoked tears and a large need for me to help her recollect herself. By the time I have both babes washed up, dressed and upstairs for breakfast, neither one of them are in the mood to wait. They want breakfast, and they want it now. Mara has gotten better about being patient, but she knows that she can't pull out her coloring supplies or big toys until breakfast is over with, so she wants me to get a move on. Porter can be distracted for about three seconds, and the rest of the time that I'm preparing breakfast, he's grabbing my pant leg, shaking it furiously, and making his "Momma, I want you" puckered up, lemon face. Some mornings I can balance the demand and whip up a nice breakfast, other mornings it just completely throws me off and I can't even think of what to make for breakfast. But, once I have everything together, and both babes have their food in front of them and I can sit down at the table with them, breakfast is pretty easy and laid back. I thought it would be fun to post about our breakfasts, what we eat, and what we try (on the weekends, when Dan is home), and maybe help some other momma's who could be stumped on breakfast.

-I really like Drea's recipes for things on toast. I've only tried a  handful, but she has some great toast toppings, and also, try her tofu scramble recipe. It's a favorite around here, even for dinner sometimes, too.
-Reading Elisabeth's blog over the past few months, at the beginning of January, I joined the Sugar Addicts Anonymous group she started, to build a community of women striving to cut out sugar from their diet. I've been pretty successful and I've noticed a difference in how my body feels with the reduction of refined sugars and just more wholesome foods. Elisabeth posted this oatmeal recipe that looks delicious, and could be a great recipe to try if you want a sugar free breakfast.
-I made banana bread about two weeks ago, this big loaf lasted us an entire week, and was great for breakfast. It's sugar and oil free, and although everyone enjoyed eating it, Dan and I agreed it could be a tad bit sweeter, and I learned from a fellow lady in the Sugar Addict's Anonymous group, that I could add pureed pineapple next time. I think that will do the trick!

Okay, so here is what we had for breakfast this morning:

I realized after we sat down and ate that I had skipped a protein with breakfast, this would have been completely rounded if I had served a hard-boiled egg alongside the toast or some cheese. I'm not too worried though, we snack often around here, so I'm sure we will get our protein in today.

sourdough toast, strawberries, grapes, and apple slices.
Porter: soy yogurt with peach, banana, and cinnamon, strawberries, grapes, and apple slices.
Momma: leftover apple from making their slices, grapes, a lonely strawberry that was left in the strawberry basket, sourdough toast, and fresh juice (ingredient list below).

We got a juicer yesterday, it was on sale, it's not the best quality, but we have been wanting one for sometime now, and decided to just go ahead and get it since juicing can be so very healthy for our bodies. Yesterday I made a big pitcher of juice using: kale, carrots, apples, a few strawberries, and two big navel oranges. Mara wasn't fond of it, I think because of the orange peel that made it's way in, it was a bit overbearing, Dan said it would have been better more chilled, and Portie sucked it down in his sippy cup, and I finished up the rest this morning.

What did you fix for breakfast today? Do you juice? I'd love to hear what you ate for breakfast or your favorite juice combinations. I'm eager to put this juicer to work!



  1. Hey Corinne! New Subscriber/reader!!

    We do juice!! My husband is a wellness coach and thus we are big into juicing, and our daughter likes to help juice with him! We like ginger, apple, and carrot. :)

    1. That sounds like such a yummy combination, I love the taste of ginger in fresh juices, I love the ginger, apple, beet combo. I'm definitely going to try your ginger, apple, carrot out soon!

  2. We had ricecakes with my homemade almond cononut butter and orange juice with hemp protein for breakfast today. We love juicing,too! These days we make a lot of broccoli leaves and stem (nothing goes wasted in this house), carrot and orange juice combination...delicious!


    1. Homemade almond coconut butter!? Drool! That sounds incredible. I will have to try that out sometime, we love our ricecakes over here, but the fanciest they've been dressed up is with peanut butter. I've heard of hemp protein, is it a powder you mix into your juice, or like a breakfast shake?

      I love that you are using the last of everything and making sure nothing gets wasted!