21 January, 2013

A Snow Day, Finally!

 Finally, this morning, we woke up to a blanket of powdery snow, Mara has been waiting so very patiently since Thanksgiving for it to snow. Specifically for it to snow enough to make a snow man. We woke up to enough on the ground to make a mini snowman, it was a miracle! Really, it is a miracle, the surrounding cities around us didn't get any snow, so it was some freak snowfall that we were blessed with. Mara was in pure bliss playing in the snow.

I hope she got her snow fix for the year because the next snowfall is totally unpredictable. The weather has been so crazy this winter, it's been in the mid fifties, which is extremely unusual for the Chicago area this time of year, then the next day in the tens and twenties, warm back up for a few days, chill to the twenties and give us snow like we got last night/early this morning, and now tonight it is supposed to be twenty five below zero with the wind chill! Freezing!
After completely saturating her mittens from the snow melting in her hands, she decided to ride her little bike. I don't even remember how it ended up in the garage, I think it was something we drove by that was left out on the curb for free, anyway, she thought it was so funny that she couldn't pedal through it the snow, so she told me her bike had to scoot through the mountains. It was adorable. Then about two minutes later, her hands were REALLY cold and Mara, Martha the dog, and myself were ready to go back inside.

That was our snow day. I'm ready for Spring, or more consistent weather. I like having four seasons, but having a warm winter in a normally cold winter climate, is really strange! Has your local weather been a bit cooky?


  1. What a sweet little girl you have! I love her style :)


  2. Thank you, she is definitely somethin' else!