09 July, 2013

Banana Horchata.

Banana Horchata:
10 ripe organic bananas
2 cap fulls of REAL, organic vanilla
3-4 big shakes of ground, organic cinnamon (I like it spicy and the babes don't seem to mind, if you are making this to share with your littles, maybe go easy on the cinnamon and add more to yours separately if yours aren't big on bold spices.)
16.9oz/500ml of chilled water

Throw in the blender, blend until smooth.
Banana Horchata. We love it. I have been having this for breakfast, and let Mara try some, and now these two attack me for it every morning. I've never had actual horchata, but from what I've been told about it, I would imagine the flavors are pretty similar. Porter doesn't want to share it ever, in the bottom picture you can see Mara eagerly waiting her turn to have more. Thankfully this recipe yields two large jars. Enjoy!

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