31 July, 2013

Momma Wolf Snack Blend (DIY Trail Mix)

Sometimes when I shop, I tend to buy things that I want to try new recipes with, completely forget, or Dan stores them in the higher cabinets and I find them weeks sometimes months later and decide to make a new snack. Things have been busy around here (total understatement) and I am learning to adjust my expectations. Actually more like abandon expectations, otherwise we aren't really living. We are just going in a cycle, repeating comfortable motions. Looking back, if something did not meet my expectations (not talking quality, necessarily) my day could easily be ruined. If I didn't get to lay on the couch before work to "relax" and unwind, (no idea why I thought that was ever realistic) then I was in a pissy mood. Let's just say I have evolved, I have overcome, I am still growing, but taking positive steps forward. And in that growing and evolving...I made a snack blend with some things that I had purchased for other recipes, things that were left in the cabinets and so on. This is getting a bit deep for Trail Mix, but you get what I am saying, right? Go with the moment, be present, and you will be happy! And with this snack blend, you won't be hungry either!

Momma Wolf Snack Blend
(DIY Trail Mix)
-if there is anything you don't have just substitute to your liking-

2 cups of raw pepitas
2 cups of deglet dates
2 cups dried black mission figs
2 cups of raw sunflower seeds
2 cups of raisins
1/4 cup of raw cashews
Mix together, enjoy!
Not much of a recipe, but try out this combo to mix together and you will enjoy it, the baby wolfs have been eating it for snacks and Dan has been taking it to work. It's great for cleaning out the pantry for more space ;)

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