16 July, 2013

Mango Dressing.

Last night, we got home from a busy afternoon. I had a job interview, we had to make a run to Petco to purchase some dog food for our new den member (more on that soon), and by the time we got home, we were all hot, tired, and hungry. I guess you could say it was a pretty typical mood for a Monday after a pretty laid back weekend. I fixed Papa Wolf and the little wolfs some whole wheat pasta shells tossed with nutritional yeast, roasted red peppers, some sauteed leeks, and a bit of daiya cheddar "cheese". I've been trying to eat as high raw as possible so I fixed myself a salad while they enjoyed their pasta dish. I made a pretty delicious dressing and I thought I would share it with you. I don't have a creative title, so it's just, mango dressing. Let me know if you try it!

Mango Dressing:
-one large, juicy mango
-two raw cloves of garlic
-sea salt
-ground black pepper
-two roasted red peppers
-half of an avocado
-lemon juice (as needed to thin the mixture)

Throw in blender, and enjoy over your next salad!

This made about 3/4 of a standard mason jar for me, and I keep it covered in the fridge and it should last you 2-3 days. I had this over a salad of romaine lettuce, tomato steaks, diced pineapple (fresh, always, canned is horrible), and black beans.

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